Chord Keeper

Chord Keeper is a comprehensive musician’s organization tool that lets you manage song packages with all performance artifacts: lyrics, chords, sheet music, backing tracks and rehearsal clips in one mobile app on your tablet or phone.  There is no need to switch between apps, and no need for a PC or Mac to edit your performance music library, you can do it all from a mobile device!


Must have app for all performing musicians!  Singers and solo performers can select a song, pick a backing track and with a single tap display your sheet music, lyrics or chords and perform their part! Music teachers, jazz players and cover bands can organize large repertoire of music, with all needed artifacts in one easy to manage performance library. There is no need to jump between applications, it is all in one app!

In edit mode, create new song packages and manage all your lyrics, sheet music, chords and tab in a single application; no PC or Mac needed! Chord Keeper lets you scan in your beloved sheet music to keep with you at all times, adding directly to your song library using your device’s camera. Also within edit mode, quickly record rehearsal clips which are added automatically to your song package within your Chord Keeper music library. You can easily add your backing tracks or scanned in sheet music directly to Chord Keeper’s intuitive song library file structure, and make them available within the application. Alter chords and lyrics quickly to keep all information about the songs you perform in one place on your phone or tablet.


  • Organize song packages by collections
  • View song package, select lyrics with chords, sheet music, chords or recording clips
  • Edit collections and songs in library
  • Import sheet music pages using device’s camera, or import from your picture library
  • Bluetooth page turners are supported to flip score pages
  • Record clips with device mic
  • Edit lyrics with chords, or chords only
  • Add items directly to file system, refresh to make score pages and recording clips available in song package
  • Zoom in and out in lyrics and chords views
  • Transpose chords in lyrics and chords views
  • Auto-scroll lyrics if page is long
  • Move quickly between songs on most screens using “swipe left” or “swipe right” gestures
  • Easy backup of performance library

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